Fiberglass swimming pools

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    Laminátové bazény

    High resistance

    Our products are intended for normal and extreme using with high resistence against any damage.

    Material chemical composition corresponds to hygienic standards.On surface is UV stabilizer, which ensures fastness of pool.

    Fiberglass swimming pools represent the middle category of pools supplied by our company.

    Swimming pools are made from polyester resin, reinforced with glass fiber. These swimming pools are known as laminated pools or fiberglass pools.

    Fibreglass pool must be concreted. Concreting is carried out with fulfilling the pool, works in this case are quite quick.

    Advantages of figerglass pools

    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Easy maintenance (smooth surface is easily washable)  Better material than polypropylene

    Disadvantage of fiberglass pools

    • Limited selection of shapes and colors
    • The appearance of this pool doesn´t reach such a level as a swimming pools overlay with glass or ceramic mosaic tiles

    Laminátový bazén Fiberglass pool
    Private outdoor pool, water take off by skimmer.

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